Agilent 34401A Digital multimeter 
The Agilent 34401A is known as the Multimeter for its multiple measuring capabilities. The basic functions of this lab equipment are to measures Voltage, Current, Resistance, and check continuities in circuits. 
Agilent E3631A Power Supply
The Agilent E3631A power supply is use to provide the necessary power for many of the lab experiments. It can provide up to a maximum of 5 Volt DC @ 5 Amp or 25 Volt DC @ 1 Amp to any circuits. This voltage can be provided individually or simultaneously.  
Agilent 33120 Waveform Generator
The Agilent 33120 waveform generator is commonly used to produce a signal for lab experiments. The different types of signals that can be created are sine wave, square wave, and saw tooth wave. Along with these wave forms amplitude modulation (AM) and frequency modulation (FM) Modulation can also be produce for lab experimenting. 
Agilent 54622D Digital Oscilloscope
The Agilent 54622D Digital Oscilloscope is use to measure analog or digital signal up to 100MHz. The signal capture can be saved and reprinted into lab reports. Some of the information listed on the save file are the measurement adjustment settings along with a picture of the actual signal captured on the screen. 
Model 5000 Milling Machine 
The milling machine, Model 5000 develped by T-Tech can quickly help turn student circuit designs into working prototyope circuit boards. The Model 5000 is capable of milling double and single sided prototypes by using standard CAD Output Files. There are no chemicals or disposal problems and is ideal for Analog, Digital, RF, and Microwave Prototypes.  
ChipMaster 6000 Universal Programer 
The ChipMaster 6000 Universal programmer allows student to program a variety of chips such as PROM, PLD and MPU. The ChipMaster 6000 software supports most manufactures devices and has a friendly graphic user interface to help students program their projects. 
Emona TIMS
TIMS is an acronym for "Telecommunications Instructional Modeling System." This system allows students a hands-on practice to understand and test the communications theory. In the experiments, the student can take theoretical calculations and compare with measured results. TIMS provide students a fast and efficient system to practice many experiments with their exchangeable modules. Multiple experiments can be created simply by loading the TIMS system with different combinations of these modules. 
E4411B Spectrum Analyzer 
The E4411B spectrum analyzer is capable of measuring high speed signals from 9kHz to 1.5GHz. It is capable of displaying the high frequency signal along with its power rating. This allows students to measure the actual power generated from lab built transmitters and compare the results with their calculations. The spectrum analyzer is an ideal tool for students to correctly identify the each frequency they are transmitting with. 
LCR Meter
The LCR meter is used for measuring passive components with a 0.05% error. A 5-digit LED display shows measured values, entered parameters, instrument status, and user messages. When making measurements, the major parameter (L, C or R) is shown on the left display and the appropriate minor parameter (Q, D or R) is shown on the right display.


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