Computer Lab

For the convenience of our students, the Computer Lab at Taylor Hall offers night tutoring when the on-campus Academic Support Center is closed. In addition to tutoring, the lab provides meeting tables, mounted whiteboard, projector and screen, 12 computer workstations, LaserJet printing, and a wireless Internet connection. Positioned right next to the courtyard, this is the perfect environment in which to do your classwork, meet team members for projects, or just relax amongst your fellow students.

Unlike many tutoring centers that only provide assistance in General Education subjects, DeVry's tutors are trained to tutor both in General Ed classes and technical core classes. DeVry tutors are required, in addition, to receive an A grade in any class they wish to tutor. As a result, tutoring from a well-learned classmate is offered for a great number of DeVry's courses. For day tutoring, the Academic Support Center is located on-campus on the first floor inside the Library.

The Computer Lab at Taylor Hall is Open 24 Hours

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